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The sauce is so good
It makes everybody a boss

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The Perfect Butter Sauce for Seafood Lovers!

Everything Is Made From Scratch

Do you know what’s better than a fresh seafood platter? Seafood with homemade butter sauce from Messplus! Passed down from generation to generation, this sauce will bring out the flavor of your dish splendidly.

All of my products are available to customers in ,New York and the rest of the US. Visit my store to make a purchase.


I aim to provide customers nationwide with lovingly made seafood sauce and easy recipes they can use to impress their family and friends.

 Kishami Jackson 

My name is Kishami Jackson, owner of Messplus LLC. My family is a big fan of seafood and has been passing down a unique butter sauce recipe from one generation to the next.

This sauce may look simple but it adds to the flavor of the dish. I decided that it’s finally time for others to get a taste of my family’s homemade butter sauce. Established in 2011.

My company may be small now but I have big plans for the future.

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